Horsemanship for All Experience Levels

The DayStar horsemanship program involves a life skills class and the opportunity for students to bring horses. In the life skills class students learn how to enhance their horsemanship, with learning riding and groundwork techniques, and trail rides whenever possible. It is great for all students and all experience levels. We place great value in teaching students how to use safe practices when riding while still having fun. For students to bring their horses to school they need to contact the horsemanship director, read the horse boarding handbook, and fill out and submit a short application. These things must be done prior to the horse coming to DayStar. We are excited for your equine partner to come to school with you and we will do all we can to ensure safety for you and your horse. Please email Rebekah Bonson, the horsemanship director, at  for more information and to request the handbook and application.