Tuition Per Year (includes room and board)

  • $11,000  1st year attending DSAA

  • $10,500  2nd year attending DSAA

  • $10,250  3rd year attending DSAA 

  • $10,000  4th year attending DSAA 

Tuition Discounts​

  • 2% for pre-registering by June 30 

  • 3% for each semester paid in advance

  • 5% for each full year paid in advance

  • 15% for the second child in the same family attending

  • 20% for the third child or more in the same family attending



Worthy Student Scholarships

Regretfully, no funds are currently available for worthy student scholarships. Updates will be posted as funds become available. If you would like to contribute toward the Worthy Student Fund, GIVE A GIFT on our donation page.

​Literature Evangelism Scholarship

DayStar Adventist Academy will honor any SDA literature evangelism program by matching 100% of monies earned and applied to DSAA tuition, up to $2,000 per year. ​If interested, please contact us for information on available canvassing program opportunities.


Prepaid Tuition

Prepaid tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis in the event that a student is withdrawn early or dismissed from DSAA.

Monthly Payments

First month’s tuition, registration fees, and room fees are due upon registration. The balance will be divided into 9 monthly payments, from September through May, billed on the 5th of each month and due on the 20th. To pay a student’s tuition online, go to the Give a Gift page. There is a $10 vendor fee per transaction for online or over-the-phone tuition payments. When paying online, be sure to add the vendor fee to your tuition payment.

Delinquent Accounts

An unpaid account will be considered delinquent on the 5th of the following month. Arrangements should be made with the Business Office if a monthly payment is expected to be late. There is a finance charge of 2% on all past due accounts.

The account for the previous school year must be settled before a student is permitted to re-enroll. Any delinquent accounts of family members who attended DayStar Adventist Academy must be settled before another student from the same family will be admitted. Any delinquent account will necessitate have diplomas and/or transcripts withheld. Students with accounts delinquent over 90 days may be asked to withdraw.


Application Fees

  • $25.00 U.S. Student

  • $200.00  International Student

Note: $175.00 of the international student application fee will be refunded if the student is not accepted to attend DayStar Adventist Academy. The fee is not refundable for any other reason.

Registration Fees

$725.00 – Covers curriculum/books, accident insurance, yearbook, testing, and administrative expenses.

Mission Trip

$200.00 – Each year we take a mission trip to a Native American reservation in or near Arizona, giving the students an opportunity to help with a building project and conduct a Vacation Bible School for the local children. This fee covers mission trip expenses such as transportation and project materials. 

Choir Uniform

$100.00 – At this time all students are required to participate in our music program and will need a choir uniform. The uniform fee covers a dress for the ladies and a dress shirt, vest, and bow tie for the gentlemen. Please see the dress guidelines in our student handbook for information regarding additional clothing items students need for the uniform. Returning students will not need to pay the uniform fee again unless they need to buy a new uniform.

Room/Key Deposit 

$175.00 (refundable) – Includes $25.00 Key Deposit & $150.00 Room Deposit 

Emergency Travel Fund (refundable)

Due to the fact that many of our students live a long distance from DSAA, oftentimes making it difficult for them to return home in case of an urgent situation, we are asking that parents choose to either 1) maintain an open-ended return ticket for their child, or 2) place a deposit with the school for the amounts listed below, depending on the student’s status. Any unused funds may be held in reserve for the following year or refunded at the end of the year.

  • $500.00 students from the U.S, Mexico, or Canada

  • $1500.00 International Students

Testing Fees (optional) 

All students are required to take standardized tests every year. Juniors and seniors will take the ACT exam. The expense for all required tests are covered by the registration fees. At the costs listed below, we offer an optional SAT exam for juniors and seniors, and an optional ACT Prep Class for juniors and seniors.

  • $50.00 SAT Test 

  • $50.00-$100.00 ACT Prep Class

Ski Trip 

$75.00 (optional) – We offer one ski trip per year as a part of our outdoor education program. The cost for this trip is included in the tuition. The ski trip fee listed above is for a second, optional, ski trip.

Transportation (as needed)

At the beginning and end of each break, one day is designated to transport students to and from the airports in Grand Junction or Moab. There is no cost for scheduled trips. For personal trips, including doctor appointments, transportation fees apply. Charges are based on one round trip; multiple students may share the fee.

  • $40.00 Moab                     

  • $120.00 Grand Junction