• Application forms are available for download at the bottom of the page and may be returned via mail, email, or fax.

  • Both U.S. and international students should complete this application process.


1.  Read the Student Handbook

     Both the student and a parent should read the student handbook.


2. Complete the 3-Part Student Application Form

  • New Student Application (completed by the parents)

  • Financial Commitment Form (completed by the parents)

  • Student Response Form (completed by the student)

3. Arrange for four Student Reference forms to be completed

     Send these forms to the following people, and ask them to return them directly to DayStar Adventist Academy.

  • A principal or recent school teacher

  • Your local pastor or elder

  • Adult friends who have known you for at least a year

4. Pay the appropriate application fee

  • U.S. students $25

  • International Students $200

     Note: The application fee can be paid online here, or by check.


     Note: $175 of the international student application fee will be refunded if the student is not accepted to attend DayStar         Adventist Academy. The fee is not refundable for any other reason.

5. Transcripts

     Request school transcripts to be sent from the past three years, but not before 7th grade. Homeschooled 

     students should complete the homeschool credit form, in addition to sending transcripts.


6. Affidavit of Financial Support

     This form is only for international students and must be submitted along with the other application documents.

7. Student Interview

     Once the above forms have been received, the Acceptance Committee will review the documents and schedule a               student interview by video call. 

8. Upon Acceptance


     Upon acceptance we will send you a pre-registration packet with a list of suggested items to bring and some additional       forms to complete. 


  • International Students

       International students should follow the steps on the International Students page in order to ensure they have all the           required travel documents. 

  • Immunization Records

       Please see the student handbook for information regarding the Utah Immunization Law.